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Printer Repair

Printer Repair | Total Technologies, Inc. - Washington DC,MD

Is your printer operating smoothly? Does the paper frequently jam or is the ink not running correctly? Is there an error code or an error light that...

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Copier Repair

Copier Repair | Total Technologies, Inc. - Washington DC,MD

A properly functioning copier unit can be an indispensable boon to the smooth running of any family home office, business, educational institution...

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Scanner Repair

Scanner Repair | Total Technologies, Inc. - Washington DC,MD

Total Technologies, Inc. offers a comprehensive scanner repair service. The scanner is an essential hardware unit that enables the user to quickly..

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Welcome To Total Technologies, Inc.

Are you a residential or business consumer currently experiencing problems with your computer hardware? Is your scanner not performing the way that it should or is your printer or copier failing to live up to its description? Perhaps your computer’s accessories and hard copy add-ons are in need of a comprehensive all-around servicing to ensure that they are functioning at peak performance? If so, Total Technologies, Inc. has the solutions for you. Total Technologies, Inc. is the leading computer hardware repair specialist currently operating out of Oxon Hill, Maryland. Total Technologies, Inc. has many years of experience in the servicing of all types of computer accessories for of the good people of Washington, DC and its surrounding areas. We take great pride and pleasure in our work and our solid reputation.

There are few things more frustrating in the everyday life of the average computer user than underperforming hardware accessories. We all know the agony of finishing up the writing of a lengthy document just under a deadline, and then being unable to quickly and effectively print that content on paper. With Total Technologies, Inc. you will experience no more such difficulties.

Total Technologies, Inc. possesses extensive experience in all aspects of computer hardware servicing, and we’re very good at our jobs. We can accommodate repairs on all of the major facets of modern computer hard copy accessories. We service all brands, models, and configurations in a fast, efficient, and low stress fashion, and at prices that are not to be rivaled by any of our competitors.

We are an authorized Xerox printer service center and are invested with the trust of the major manufacturing outlets of all the leading print and copying technology producers. Total Technologies, Inc. also can source the parts and toner units from all major brands to get your printer working again. We offer expert training classes on printer maintenance that will help you to cut future costs.

You don’t have to endure the anxieties and frustrations that under-performing print hardware causes. Contact the professionals at Total Technologies, Inc. for your free estimate at (301) 749-8300.

“Factory Trained Xerox Technicians”
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We work on a wide variety of products and brands including, but not limited to, the following:

Brands | Total Technologies, Inc. - Washington DC,MD

We Service: • Notebooks / Laptops
• Computers / Desktops
• Fax Machines / Paper Shredders
• Laser / Impact / Plotter Printers
• Copiers / Scanners
• Monitors / Terminals
• Network / IT Equipment
• Audio / Video Conferencing

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